A Terrifying Fun Halloween Experience

Prepare to be scared out of your wits at Wild Waves Theme & Water Park’s Fright Fest, the ultimate Halloween extravaganza in Federal Way, Washington. 

This annual event combines thrilling rides, spine-chilling haunted houses, and eerie entertainment to provide an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a fan of heart-pounding scares or prefer a milder Halloween adventure, Fright Fest has something for everyone.

Terrifying haunted houses

Step into the darkness and face your deepest fears as you explore the terrifying haunted houses at Fright Fest. Chamber Of Souls is our traditional haunted house. Located in the water park, the Chamber Of Souls features blood, gore, and bone-chilling scares. Maneuver through medical mishaps, corpses, and a zombie apocalypse. This attraction is Rated PG-13 and is not suggested for the faint of heart!

Camp whispering pines

Welcome to Camp Whispering Pines! This haunted trail is located in the Cascades Picnic area, and is riddled with slaughtered campers that checked in…but never checked out. Tortured camp counselors will guide you if you dare! This attraction is Rated PG-13.

The playground

Located inside the Lumberjack Falls attraction, The Playground is a 3D, haunted house of horrors. Guest will slip on 3D glasses and journey through this black light haunted FUNhouse. Watch out for creepy carnies and clowns! This attraction is Rated PG-13.

Thrilling rides in the dark

Experience the park’s most exhilarating rides like never before as they transform into haunting spectacles after dusk. From the adrenaline-pumping drops of “The Steel Lasso” to the twists and turns of “The Wild Thing,” you’ll be screaming with delight as you brave these attractions under the cover of darkness. With special effects, eerie lighting, and creepy surprises, these rides provide an extra dose of fear and excitement for thrill-seekers.

Scare zones and live entertainment

As you wander through Fright Fest, be prepared to encounter scare zones where demented characters roam freely, ready to send shivers down your spine. These interactive areas offer a chance for up-close scares and chilling encounters. If you prefer a lighter Halloween experience, the park also offers live entertainment, including family-friendly shows and performances that embrace the spirit of the season. Watch talented performers put on spellbinding acts and enjoy the magical ambiance of the event.

Family-friendly fun

Fright Fest understands the importance of including younger visitors in the Halloween fun. The park provides a range of age-appropriate activities and attractions to ensure a memorable experience for families. Children can enjoy trick-or-treating, where friendly monsters hand out treats, or participate in pumpkin decorating contests. With designated areas catering specifically to younger guests, families can have a spooktacular time together in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Booville is located in Kiddie Land, Booville is a kid-friendly (age 12 & under), scare-free area featuring a craft station, carnival style games and a nightly Halloween dance-a-long! These activities are only open on Saturdays and Sundays, 2 – 6 PM.

Safety measures

Wild Waves prioritizes the safety and well-being of its guests. During Fright Fest, the park maintains rigorous safety protocols, including increased cleaning and sanitization, as well as the enforcement of mask-wearing and social distancing measures. The park’s staff is trained to ensure a safe and secure environment for all attendees, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the frightful festivities with peace of mind.


Wild Waves Fright Fest in Federal Way, WA, is the ultimate Halloween destination for those seeking a thrilling and terrifying experience. With its spine-chilling haunted houses, thrilling rides in the dark, scare zones, and family-friendly activities, Fright Fest caters to visitors of all ages. Get ready to face your fears, scream with delight, and create lasting memories at this frightfully fun event. So gather your friends and family, embrace the spirit of Halloween, and head to Wild Waves Theme & Water Park for a night of unforgettable scares and entertainment.

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