Creative Halloween Party Ideas

Nothings more fun than dressing up in your favorite costume and going to a Halloween party! Visiting friends and drinking fun cocktails has become a Halloween tradition. I’ve been to dozens over the years and have found some better than others and here’s what I’ve found.

The Front Yard

The first thing your guest will see is the front yard and gathering area. Decorate the front yard and try to stay with a theme. I always do a graveyard with a fog machine to create an eerie feel. A carved pumpkin or two await on the porch and the front door has a scary ghost cover and Grim Reaper knocker, all which can be found at your local Party City or Spirit Halloween store.


No one wants to show up to a party and be bored. Create fun ways to welcome your guest and get the conversation rolling. When first entering my house I have a photo prompt laid out where friends can take their photos before entering the main gathering area. This can be as simple as a large canvas, cardboard coffin to a life-size cardboard cutout or all. People seem to have a lot of fun with them. At this time I also point out a Jinxed word that can not be said like “Witch”. If anyone is caught saying the word they have to drink, do a Truth or Dare, or some other lighthearted penalty. Of course, everyone tries to get each other to say the word.

The Theme

Keep the fun coming when entering your main gathering area. Make sure everything is decorated with scary eerie detail. Have a Halloween music playlist going and spooky sound effects, but not too loud where you can’t hear each other speak. I’ve collected so many things over the years this is an easy one for me, but if you’re a beginner start with a black lace table cloth that looks like spiderwebs. Add a few accessories like candles, mini lanterns, skulls, fake spiders, fake spell books and poison containers.  Keep the lighting dim but not too dark. 


Have a separate drink station set up away from the food. This allows for better traffic flow. If you don’t have someone mixing drinks for your guest all night long I would recommend making one or two different cocktails in batches and store in the refrigerator without ice until serving. Keeping with the theme, here are a couple of my favorites to try, black light lemonade, candy corn cocktail, color changing martini, fizzy ghoul, witches brew and a spooky colada. Or if you prefer you can do a large party punch with black ice in it. As an added treat have some jelly shots handy in Halloween colors.

Too lazy to make cocktails

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The Food

Simple make ahead snacks are better here. I always make spider web deviled eggs, Halloween chex mix, a pimento cheese dip served in a round pumpernickel bread bowl, and sandwiches cut into coffins. Of course the possibilities are endless here, let your imagination flow.

The Party

So your guest have all arrived, the music is playing, everyone has a cocktail in hand, and have had a bite to eat. Now what? Here’s a few ideas to keep the party going. . .

  1. Bring out the Ouija Board. (read about my Ouija Board stories first)
  2. Play beer pong but with plastic eyeball pongs.
  3. Play horror movie trivia
  4. Vote for best costume
  5. Guess how many (fill a jar full of candy corns and have everyone guess how many are in it)
  6. Jack-O-Lantern Bean Bag Toss
  7. Guess the pumpkins weight
  8. Tarot card readings

I like to have a couple of active games set out in different areas, like the beer pong and bean bag toss. Then set up a table for other activities, a bowl for best costume (have paper and pen set out for your guess to vote for best costume), Guess how many (have a jar filled with candy corn and have guest write the number and their name on a piece of paper, whoever guess closes wins). Have a couple of small prizes available for the winners. (Halloween themed mug, shot glass, mini bottle of booze, no-spill light up LED glow cup, small cauldron filed with candy, cute ghost necklace)

Below are where you can find some items listed above or please comment below if you need any recipes or have any suggestions of your own.

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