Creatures of the Night at Clackamas Fairgrounds

As autumn blankets the charming town of Canby, Oregon, the Halloween season awakens a spine-chilling delight for locals and visitors alike. Nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Canby Haunt’s Creatures of the Night emerges as a must-visit destination, captivating thrill-seekers with its macabre attractions and eerie ambiance. In this article, we’ll take you on a bone-chilling journey through the sinister corridors of Creatures of the Night, where screams of terror blend seamlessly with the spirit of Halloween.

A glimpse into creatures of the night

Creatures of the Night, an annual Halloween extravaganza that has gained a reputation as one of the most immersive and terrifying haunted house in the region. With a rich history spanning over a decade, this section of Canby Haunt has become a thrilling experience for those who seek an adrenaline rush and a taste of horror.


The heart-pounding attractions at Creatures of the Night cater to a variety of scare enthusiasts, from casual thrill-seekers to hardened horror aficionados. Let’s explore some of the mesmerizing and terror-inducing features awaiting your arrival:

The haunted house

Step into the darkness as you traverse the haunted corridors, brimming with chilling scenes, animatronics, and actors donning spine-chilling costumes. Each room tells a unique story, ensuring that your heart races with anticipation at every turn.

Creatures of the Night presents the only customizable Haunted Attraction in Oregon. Using the Creature Candle, YOU Raise or Lower Your Level of Scares and Fears. The Creature Candle provides safe passage making terrors and monsters scared of you. Turn the candle on and monsters shrink back and you have the power, or switch off to let the nightmares and screams run wild. At the entrance you can purchase a creature candle for $6 each which is far cheaper than a therapist.

Junior haunt

Within Creatures of the Night, Canby Haunt also features a Junior Haunt designed to provide younger visitors with a spooky yet age-appropriate experience. The Junior Haunt offers a milder version of scares, ensuring children can enjoy Halloween thrills in a safe and fun environment. This section of Creatures of the Night provides a perfect opportunity for families to explore the Halloween spirit together.

Haunt Jr: For Guests 12 and under & their families, Saturdays 7-8 pm is HAUNT JR, a more brightly lit, quieter, and friendly attraction to provide only laughter and delight.

Gift shop and food concessions

As you emerge from the heart-pounding scares, make sure to visit the gift shop at Creatures of the Night. Here, you can find a wide array of Halloween-themed merchandise, from spooky trinkets and costumes to collectibles and memorabilia. It’s the perfect place to pick up a memento to commemorate your thrilling adventure.

When hunger strikes, fear not, as Creatures of the Night offers food concessions to satisfy your cravings. Grab a bite to eat or sip on a warm beverage to refuel before or after your haunting experience. Indulge in Halloween-themed treats and snacks that will surely delight your taste buds.

Community spirit and creativity

One of the remarkable aspects of Creatures of the Night is the strong community involvement. The dedicated team of actors, designers, and volunteers work tirelessly throughout the year to create an unparalleled experience for guests. Local talent shines through as they transform Creatures of the Night into a chilling world of their own making, pushing their creativity to new heights.

Safety, accessibility, and inclusion

Creatures of the Night is committed to providing a safe and inclusive experience for all visitors. The haunted attractions prioritize visitor safety, with well-maintained pathways and lighting. Additionally, the venue is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges can enjoy the thrills of the event. The commitment to accessibility and inclusion ensures that everyone can partake in the Halloween festivities.


Canby Haunt in Canby, Oregon, casts a spell on Halloween enthusiasts, beckoning them into a world of fright and wonder. With its spine-chilling attractions, immersive experiences, and a dedicated community of horror enthusiasts, this annual event has become an unmissable highlight of the Halloween season. Whether you seek heart-pounding scares, spine-tingling thrills, or simply want to embrace the spirit of Halloween, Creatures of the Night promises an unforgettable journey into the realm of nightmares.

So, gather your courage, steel your nerves, and prepare to be immersed in the twisted and terrifying world of Creatures of the Night at Canby Haunt. Don’t forget to explore the gift shop for Halloween-themed treasures and indulge in the delicious offerings at the food concessions. With its commitment to safety, accessibility, and community spirit, Canby Haunt ensures that everyone can experience the chilling delights of Halloween in Canby, Oregon.

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