Deadly Exorcism Of Kennedy Ife

We hear about exorcism all the time but how often do you hear of one going so terribly wrong that the possessed end up dead. This is a true story of a young man, Kennedy Ife, 26, who family members believed he was possessed by evil spirits and wanted to cure him. The family members held deep religious beliefs and were connected with the Jesus Sanctuary Ministries in South-East London.

On August 19, Kennedy became aggressive and bit his father and threatened to cut off his own penis. He claimed a snake or python lived inside him and ranted about the mark of the beast 666, so his mother sought advice from a minister rather than seeking medical help.

Over the next three days the family used cable ties, rope, and handcuffs to restrain Kennedy and praying for his wellness. The entire family claimed that a demon had possessed Kennedy and only through exorcism could they vanquish the demonic presence and save him. Three ministers from the church prayed for Kennedy at the house.

Finally, one of the brothers called an ambulance, telling them that Kennedy was complaining of dehydration. When the ambulance arrived they tried their best but he didn’t make it and died.

With the entire family’s misdeeds and abuse uncovered, the police arrested the whole family. Kenneth Ife, 64, his wife Josephine Ife, 56, and five sons Colin, 26, Harry, 32, Roy 33, and twins Daniel and Samuel, 20, denied being responsible for his death in August 2016.

After the jury deliberated for four days, they cleared all seven family members of all the charges. Not guilty of manslaughter, false imprisonment and causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult.

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