Plan a Spooky Ouija Board Session Party

As the nights grow longer and the air turns crisp, Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in eerie and supernatural experiences. One such activity that has captured the fascination of thrill-seekers for generations is the Ouija board session.

If you’re looking to host a unique and spine-tingling Halloween gathering, planning a Ouija board session party could be just the thing. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps of organizing a safe and captivating Ouija board session party that will leave your guests with chills down their spines.

Set the atmosphere

Creating the right atmosphere is crucial for setting the tone of your Ouija board session party. Decorate your space with dim lighting, candles, and eerie decorations such as old books, tarot cards, and mysterious artifacts. Consider incorporating black and deep purple colors to enhance the mysterious ambiance.

Invitations and guest list

Invite guests who are open to participating in a Ouija board session and are comfortable with the idea of communing with the supernatural. Clearly communicate the theme of the party in the invitations, so everyone knows what to expect. You might also want to advise guests on appropriate attire, suggesting dark or mystical clothing.

Ouija board preparation

Ensure you have a high-quality Ouija board set for the session. Set up a table in the center of the room, placing the Ouija board on it along with a planchette. Make sure everyone understands the rules and seriousness of the session. Research and discuss the history and etiquette of Ouija board sessions to avoid any misunderstandings or unnecessary fears.

Guided experience

Designate someone as the “spirit guide” or facilitator for the session. This person should be knowledgeable about Ouija board practices, and their role is to lead the session, explain the process, and provide a sense of comfort and control.

Ground rules

Before starting the session, establish ground rules that ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. Emphasize the importance of maintaining a respectful and serious attitude during the session. Make it clear that participants are free to opt out at any point if they feel uncomfortable.

It’s generally advised not to use the Ouija board alone. Having at least one other person present can help maintain a balanced and safe environment.

Avoid giving out personal information during the session. If a spirit requests personal details, it’s generally advised to discontinue the session.

It’s recommended not to ask spirits to prove their identity or existence. Instead, focus on asking meaningful questions that can provide insight or guidance.

Always remember to end the session by saying goodbye to any spirits that participated. This helps in properly closing the connection and preventing any negative energies from lingering.

Protection and safety

Some participants might be concerned about potential negative energy or unwanted entities. Address these concerns by incorporating protective rituals, such as lighting sage or placing protective crystals on the table. Encourage participants to visualize protective shields around themselves before beginning.

Document the experience

Have someone designated to take notes or record the session. Documenting the experience can be a great way to reflect on the event afterward and share stories with others.

Post-session discussion

After the Ouija board session, provide a space for participants to share their thoughts, feelings, and any unusual experiences they might have had. Foster an open and respectful environment for discussion.


Planning a Ouija board session party for Halloween can be an exciting and memorable way to celebrate the eerie spirit of the season. By carefully curating the atmosphere, educating your guests, and adhering to safety precautions, you can ensure a spine-chilling yet enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Remember, while the Ouija board can be a fascinating tool for exploration, it’s important to approach it with respect and sensitivity to varying beliefs and comfort levels.

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