Real Ouija Board Stories Gone Bad

There is perhaps no game that sparks as much curiosity and fear as the Ouija board. The flat board with numbers, letters, and a few words, and the planchetta (the boards moving device) is said to provide communication with the dead. Like opening up a portal to the other side, but beware it’s bound to invite an unwanted spirit into your midst. And once that connection is open, it may be very difficult to close, no matter how much you’d like the pointer to land on goodbye.

Here’s just a few of the nightmare happenings of people who have used the Ouija board. Thinking it was a harmless fun game and nothing would ever really happen.

One Ouija board player, an Oklahoma resident Carol Elvaker had no criminal record and no history of mental health problems, but one dark night in February 2001, she killed her son-in-law. She claims she had used an Ouija board, which she says sent her a message from the beyond that her daughters husband was possessed by an evil spirit and must be murdered. After stabbing him to death in his sleep, Elvaker turned on her own blood. She bundled her own daughter and granddaughter into her car in an attempt to kill them all in a car crash. Thankfully no one died, but Elvaker suffered two broken ankles, which didn’t stop her from stripping naked and running into the woods. She claimed that the evil spirit that was in her son-in-law had now possessed her. She was later ruled to be insane in what quickly became known as the Oklahoma Ouija Board Murder.

Two teenage boys, Joshua and Don were playing with an Ouija board in 2007 and asked it if they should become serial killers. When the board replied yes they asked who should they kill first. The board replied, “Mom.” And that’s precisely what they did, killing Don’s mother and also his 13-year-old sister. Although the boys tried to flee, they were arrested and later convicted of murder.

Paul Carroll thought nothing of using the Ouija Board on Christmas Eve in 2004, using it to try to contact the dead, and it worked. Paul says an evil spirit entered the family dog Molly, so he drowned it, chopped it up and dumped it in the drain. Paul, who has learning difficulties, was discovered and eventually arrested, charged and given a suspended sentence. One week after Paul’s guilty plea, his wife Margaret and her daughter Katrina used the same Ouija Board. This time the board told them they were going to die. The following day, both mother and daughter took an overdose of prescription drugs and set their house on fire. Surviving the fire they stated the board told them to do it. They were both jailed for four years each for arson.

There are countless stories of people using the board and then trying to get rid of it. But it always seems to make its way back to the user and reappearing somewhere in the home. The board comes with strict rules that must be followed to insure such things don’t happen. Or better yet, never use it at all.

If you have a scary Ouija board story please share it with me in the comments below.

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