Scarywood Theme Park at Silverwood Park, Idaho

Nestled within the stunning landscapes of Idaho, just minutes from Couer d’Alene, Silverwood Park is already renowned for offering visitors a mix of family-friendly fun and exhilarating experiences.

However, come nightfall during the Halloween season, a transformation takes place, turning the park into a spine-tingling destination known as Scarywood Theme Park. This annual event, blending heart-pounding attractions, chilling mazes, and roaming monsters, has become a must-visit for thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts alike.

A glimpse into scarywood’s origins

The inception of Scarywood Theme Park took place in 2009, when Silverwood Park decided to diversify its offerings beyond its successful summer season. By tapping into the eerie allure of Halloween, the park management set out to create an event that would captivate a different audience, offering visitors a unique and terrifying experience. Since its debut, Scarywood has evolved into an iconic annual event, drawing crowds from near and far.

Chilling scare zones

Scarywood Theme Park boasts an array of scare zones designed to send shivers down the spines of even the most seasoned horror fans.

Anarchy – No rules. No laws. All fun

Clown town – This demented group of clowns have taken over the Country Carnival and transformed it into a nightmare that anybody entering will not soon forget. Watch your back as these pranksters will stop at nothing to get a scream out of you and then laugh at your expense.

Steam punk – Clockwork horrors and steam-powered terrors roam the dark streets, sending shivers down your spine.

The dark forest – During the day, a forest can be tranquil, enjoyable, a great time. But at night, the forest’s deepest desire is to devour you. Consider yourself warned.

Freak farm – This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home. This little piggy murdered the farmer on the path he roams.

Los Muertos – Embrace the chilling beauty of the Day of the Dead. The afterlife never looked so good.

The toybox – An evil feeling that will make your spine tingle hovers over the night. Broken dolls blankly stare at you while you walk down the path. If I were you, I wouldn’t make eye contact.

Phobia – Everyone is afraid of something, and that’s why we love you.

Quarantine zone – Don’t get bit or you will end up like them!

Haunted houses

Scarywood Theme Park prides itself on its meticulously crafted haunted houses that transport visitors into different realms of horror.

This years (2023)four are:

Blood Bayou – Enter the bayou where the blood flows freely and cannibals lurk behind every corner. This fan favorite is back in 2023 and it will leave you screaming at the top of your lungs. Don’t stay too long in Blood Bayou or you might end up as tonight’s dinner…

Chuckle’s 3D Sideshow – Send in the clowns. Chuckle’s the clown is maniacal lunatic. A loose cannon with one too many screws loose. Because of his antics, he was voted out of Clowntown and sentenced to live in solitude as an outcast at the edge of Scarywood. Taking matters into his own hands, he decided to create his own funhouse and get one last laugh.

Pharaohs Curse – Enter the Valley of the Queens, where the splendors have been stolen and an ancient evil has been awakened. All who enter will be cursed forever. This walkthrough haunt will keep you on your toes in anticipation of what’s around every corner. Luckily, if you don’t survive, you will already be in a tomb.

Planet Zombie – It’s been 6 long years of fighting the zombie horde, and we are losing ground. The infrastructure is failing, and the electrical grid is destroyed. Few survivors are left, and getting to the checkpoint without infection is up to you. Your only lifeline is a small red flashlight as you navigate the dark streets of Planet Zombie. Good luck.

Nighttime rides

This park offers a diverse selection of rides, each with its own unique twist during the nighttime hours. The experience of riding roller coasters and attractions in the dark is a sensory overload, as riders rely on their instincts and heightened senses to navigate the twists, turns, drops, and inversions.

Timber Terror: This wooden roller coaster takes on an entirely different persona at night. The clicks and clacks of the coaster’s ascent become more ominous, and the sudden drops and sharp turns are accentuated by the darkness, creating an adrenaline rush like no other.

Aftershock: A thrilling inverted roller coaster, Aftershock’s high-speed loops and corkscrews become more exhilarating when riders are suspended in the darkness. The sensation of weightlessness is magnified as the ride propels through its electrifying course.

Panic Plunge: A tower drop ride that dares you to conquer your fears, Panic Plunge becomes even more spine-chilling when experienced in the dark. The anticipation builds as you’re hoisted to the top, only to be released into the void with heart-pounding velocity.

Tremors: Another wooden roller coaster that comes alive at night, Tremors plunges riders into a labyrinth of twists and turns. The absence of visibility intensifies the surprises, making each element of the ride a thrilling revelation.

The Corkscrew: Loops: The corkscrew ride is instantly recognizable for its loops, which are often accompanied by heart-pounding inversions. As riders ascend the initial lift hill, anticipation builds before plunging into the loops. The sensation of being upside down and spiraling through the track’s twists adds a dynamic layer of excitement.

Dining and retail

No theme park experience is complete without indulging in delectable treats, and Scarywood offers its own twist on the culinary offerings.

Beyond the heart-pounding rides and spine-chilling attractions, Scarywood Theme Park at Silverwood Park in Idaho offers an experience that caters to the senses and indulges visitors in a delightful array of dining options and retail therapy. With over 14 dining establishments and 9 retail shops strategically spread throughout the park, Scarywood ensures that every aspect of a visitor’s experience is tailored to perfection.


Scarywood Theme Park at Silverwood Park in Idaho presents an unparalleled Halloween experience that is sure to satisfy the cravings of thrill-seekers and horror aficionados. With a masterful blend of heart-pounding attractions, spine-chilling entertainment, and devilishly tempting treats, Scarywood has earned its place as a premier destination for those seeking the ultimate scare.

As the sun sets and the moon rises, this annual transformation is a testament to the power of creative storytelling and immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on those brave enough to step into the shadows.

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