Six Flags Over Georgia Fright Fest

When the sun sets and the moon rises over Six Flags Over Georgia during Fright Fest, the park’s atmosphere transforms into a realm of spine-tingling suspense and ghostly enchantment.

Among the many attractions that await thrill-seekers and fans of all things spooky are the haunted houses that beckon brave souls to step into their chilling embrace. 

Each haunted house is uniquely designed to send shivers down your spine and keep you on the edge of your seat as you navigate through the darkness, encountering eerie scenes and unexpected frights.

Devil’s eden

Imagine an old, decaying house that has stood silent and empty for years. Enter Devil’s Eden, where the new owners are anything but welcoming to visitors on two feet. This haunted house transports you to a world where the walls hold secrets and the shadows conceal malevolent entities. 

As you step cautiously through the creaking floors and dimly lit hallways, the sense of unease grows with each passing moment. Beware of what lies behind closed doors and around every corner, for the spirits that linger here are eager to share their dark tales.

Serial neighbor: The chills next door

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, things take a bizarre and unsettling turn. Only the most daring of guests venture into the shadows of the Serial Neighbor’s domain, drawn by an insatiable curiosity to uncover the truth. 

As you journey through this haunted house, the ordinary facade of the neighbor’s home begins to unravel, revealing the twisted secrets that lie within. Will you have the courage to face the unsettling reality that awaits you next door?

Zombie labs

For those who have ever wondered what it’s like to step into a world overrun by the undead, Zombie Labs offers a chilling opportunity. This haunted house invites visitors to experience a one-of-a-kind zombie containment center, where scientific experiments have gone awry and left the facility teeming with hordes of hungry zombies. 

Navigate through the labyrinthine corridors as you witness the aftermath of these failed experiments and come face-to-face with the terrifying results. Will you escape with your life, or will you become the next subject in this nightmarish experiment?

Carnival of chaos

Step right up and enter the Carnival of Chaos, where the line between entertainment and terror blurs in a whirlwind of malevolent merriment. Amidst the decaying rides and abandoned game booths, guests are dying to have a good time—literally. As you traverse the carnival’s grounds, you’ll encounter a cast of characters who have taken the concept of amusement to a sinister extreme. From menacing clowns to twisted sideshow performers, every corner of the Carnival of Chaos holds new horrors to discover.

Nighttime roller coaster rides

Fright Fest doesn’t stop at haunted houses—it takes the thrill to new heights with nighttime roller coaster rides that are as exhilarating as they are spooky. As darkness falls, the rides transform into a thrilling experience that combines the adrenaline rush of roller coasters with the eerie ambiance of the night.

Scare zones: Unveiling the terrors

Scare zones are pockets of horror that await those brave enough to wander into their unsettling embrace. Within the park’s winding pathways and open spaces, several scare zones offer a unique blend of fear and fascination.

  1. Garden of Evil: Once a serene resting place, the Garden of Evil has fallen victim to creeping plants and a malevolent force that hides in the shadows. Visitors will feel a shiver down their spines as they tread carefully through this once-beautiful garden, never knowing when the evil will reveal itself.
  2. Cannibal Cookout: The aroma of a barbeque lures guests into the heart of a twisted culinary experience. Those who dare can learn the secrets behind a special barbeque recipe, with a hint that it’s all about the meat. The atmosphere is infused with a macabre sense of humor that’s sure to keep you guessing.
  3. The Coven: Deep in the darkness, a coven of witches guards their sacred sanctuary with unwavering devotion. Trespassers risk facing a fiery fate at the stake as they navigate through this forbidden ground, where the boundary between the supernatural and the mortal world is blurred.
  4. Insectuous: An illicit laboratory has unleashed interbred insects that send shivers down your spine. As you venture through this unsettling zone, the very idea of insects becomes a source of unease, as your skin crawls in response to the unseen horrors that surround you.
  5. Blood Fountain

Live shows and themed attractions

Fright Fest goes beyond the scare zones with a lineup of live shows and Halloween-themed attraction overlays that elevate the spooky experience to new heights.

  1. Dr. Fright’s Dead Man’s Party: Guests are cordially invited to Dr. Fright’s annual Dead Man’s Party. This ghastly gathering features zombies performing drop-dead renditions of classic Halloween hits, turning the park into a dance floor of the undead. It’s a party that bridges the gap between the living and the afterlife, promising electrifying entertainment and spine-tingling performances.
  2. Bad Bob the Bone Butcher: Deputy Leon P. Jones faces the unexpected return of Bad Bob, the Bone Butcher. In a hilarious and slapstick Old West showdown, the living and the reanimated collide, resulting in an uproarious clash that takes humor to morbidly amusing levels.
  3. Disco Train: Climb aboard the Six Flags Railroad for a Halloween celebration like no other. The Disco Train takes passengers on an energetic ride through the haunting beats of disco’s most monstrous hits. As the rhythm of the music carries you away, the train becomes a rolling dance floor where guests can boogie alongside ghoulish partygoers.

A frightful extravaganza

It isn’t merely about haunted houses—it’s an immersive experience that encompasses scare zones, live shows, and themed attractions that cater to all tastes of terror. From wandering through twisted gardens to dancing the night away with the undead, every aspect of Fright Fest is designed to leave a lasting impression and create memories that are as chilling as they are thrilling.

So, if you’re seeking a Halloween adventure that goes beyond the ordinary, Six Flags Over Georgia Fright Fest promises a journey into the heart of darkness that you won’t soon forget.

Open September 16 through October 31st.

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