The Ghosts That Walk Battery Russel in Astoria, OR

Perched on the picturesque cliffs overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean, Battery Russell stands as a silent sentinel of Astoria’s history. Once a formidable military fortress guarding the Oregon coast during World War II, it now serves as a museum and a haunting reminder of its past. However, some believe that the spirits of those who once protected this strategic outpost still linger within its walls. In this article, we will delve into the chilling legends and true events surrounding the ghostly apparitions that allegedly haunt Battery Russell in Astoria, Oregon.

The history of Battery Russell

Battery Russell was constructed in the late 19th century and was an integral part of Fort Stevens, a coastal defense system designed to protect the mouth of the Columbia River. Named after Union Army Major General David A. Russell, the battery housed two 10-inch artillery guns, ready to repel any potential invaders during wartime.

The Japanese submarine attack:

One of the most well-documented events in Battery Russell’s history occurred on the night of June 21, 1942. A Japanese submarine, the I-25, stealthily navigated through the coastal waters and fired several shells at Fort Stevens, including Battery Russell. Fortunately, the shots caused minimal damage, but the incident sent shock waves through the soldiers stationed there.

Many visitors and staff members at the museum claim to have heard phantom echoes of the distant shelling during quiet evenings. Some have even reported seeing shadowy figures in military uniforms peering out from the bunker’s gun openings, forever vigilant against an enemy that no longer exists.

The disembodied voices

Numerous accounts tell of disembodied voices emanating from within the battery. Visitors often recount hearing faint whispers, conversations, walking on gravel, and even the sounds of military commands being shouted. These eerie occurrences, seemingly unexplained, have been linked to the spirits of the soldiers who once operated the massive guns of Battery Russell.

Mysterious Orbs and Cold Spots

Visitors have frequently reported strange occurrences inside Battery Russell. Unexplained cold spots have been felt even on the warmest days, and photographs taken within the bunker have revealed mysterious orbs floating in the air. Others claim sightings of someone actually pacing the yard around the now-museum. Some experts suggest that these phenomena could be attributed to residual energy from the past, while others remain skeptical.


Battery Russell’s rich history and stunning coastal location make it an appealing destination for both history enthusiasts and paranormal investigators alike. While some may dismiss the ghostly tales as mere superstitions, the numerous accounts of eerie encounters and unexplained phenomena leave room for speculation.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, one cannot deny that Battery Russell holds a unique aura that beckons visitors to explore its haunted past. The spirits of those who once served there may forever roam its halls, leaving an indelible mark on Astoria’s historical tapestry. If you ever find yourself in Oregon, venture into the shadowy recesses of Battery Russell and decide for yourself – are the ghosts of the past still watching over this historic site?

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