The Haunting Legends of the Old EA Conway Memorial Hospital

Nestled amid the picturesque landscapes of Monroe, Louisiana, the old EA Conway Memorial Hospital stands as a historical relic with a dark and mysterious past. Once a bustling hub of medical care, this abandoned structure now serves as the canvas for chilling tales of haunting sightings and ghostly apparitions.

With its eerie ambiance and intriguing history, the hospital has become a hotspot for ghost hunters, thrill-seekers, and those curious about the otherworldly. In this article, we delve into the captivating legends surrounding the old EA Conway Memorial Hospital and explore the alleged ghostly inhabitants that are said to dwell within its decaying walls.

The history of the EA Conway Memorial Hospital

The hospital was founded in the early 1900s as a state-of-the-art medical facility aimed at serving the local community in its pursuit of better healthcare. Named after the prominent philanthropist and medical pioneer, Dr. Edwin A. Conway, the hospital quickly gained recognition for its cutting-edge medical practices and compassionate care.

Over the years, it expanded its services, welcoming patients from all walks of life. Tragically, amidst its successes, the hospital also witnessed countless heart-wrenching tales of suffering, death, and despair. As with many old medical institutions, the EA Conway Memorial Hospital became a melting pot of emotions – the joy of new life, the pain of illness, and the sorrow of loss.

The hospital’s haunting sightings

As the years passed and the hospital fell into disuse, whispers of strange occurrences and ghostly sightings began to surface. Those who dared to venture inside reported inexplicable phenomena, including chilling cold spots, disembodied voices, and flickering lights. Visitors claim to have heard the agonizing cries of patients long gone, as if the spirits of the deceased still wandered the halls in search of solace.

One of the most commonly cited paranormal encounters centers around the abandoned operating rooms. Witnesses report seeing apparitions of surgeons clad in old-fashioned medical attire, seemingly forever trapped in a grim cycle of life-saving attempts. Others have encountered spectral figures pacing the corridors, appearing lost and disoriented as they wander through time.

The ghostly inhabitants

Among the numerous ghostly inhabitants, some have gained fame due to the frequency and intensity of their appearances. One such infamous spirit is believed to be that of a nurse named Emily. According to local legends, Emily was a dedicated nurse who tragically lost her life in a freak accident during a medical procedure. It’s said that her spirit remains tied to the hospital, continuing her duties from beyond the grave, checking on patients and comforting those in need.

Another well-known entity is the spirit of a young girl named Sarah. Sarah is said to be a patient from the early 1920s who perished from a contagious illness. Visitors have reported glimpses of her apparition playing with her toys in the now-abandoned pediatric ward. Some paranormal enthusiasts claim to have even captured her voice on electronic voice recordings, whispering haunting messages from the other side.

Other paranormal experiences

Apparitions in Hospital Garb: Visitors claim to have seen shadowy figures dressed in old-fashioned hospital attire roaming the corridors or standing near the abandoned patient rooms. These apparitions are often attributed to former medical staff or patients who may still be lingering in the afterlife.

Strange Noises and Voices: Eerie sounds, such as footsteps, doors creaking, and distant whispers, have been reported by those exploring the hospital. Some have captured mysterious voices on audio recordings, which appear to be responding to questions or reacting to the presence of the living.

Moving Objects: In certain areas of the hospital, witnesses have reported objects mysteriously moving on their own, without any visible explanation. This phenomenon, known as psychokinesis or telekinesis, adds to the unsettling atmosphere of the haunted location.

Cold Spots and Unexplained Temperature Changes: Visitors have described sudden drops in temperature, even in otherwise warm areas of the hospital. These cold spots are often associated with the presence of spirits and are a common feature in haunted locations.

Unsettling Apparitions in Mirrors: Some have reported seeing ghostly reflections or apparitions in the mirrors scattered throughout the building. The unsettling experience of catching a glimpse of an unexpected figure in the mirror can send shivers down the spine of anyone brave enough to witness it.

Feeling of Being Watched: Many visitors have described a strong sensation of being watched or followed as they explore the hospital. This feeling of a “presence” can be particularly unsettling and contributes to the overall haunted ambiance.

Disembodied Laughter and Cries: Ghostly laughter and the sound of crying have been reported, suggesting that the emotional imprints of past events might still resonate within the hospital’s walls.

Equipment Malfunctions: Paranormal investigators and visitors have claimed that their electronic equipment, such as cameras and voice recorders, malfunctioned or drained batteries more rapidly than usual while inside the building. This phenomenon is often associated with ghostly energy interference.

The debate and legacy

As with any haunting, skepticism and belief often clash in discussions surrounding the old EA Conway Memorial Hospital. Some dismiss the stories as mere products of overactive imaginations, attributing the eerie experiences to the building’s age and haunting appearance. However, for those who have experienced the chilling encounters firsthand, the presence of restless spirits within the hospital remains an undeniable reality.

Despite its haunting reputation, the old EA Conway Memorial Hospital stands as a poignant reminder of the past and the people who once filled its halls. As it continues to decay with time, some argue that preserving its history could help bring closure to the restless spirits said to reside there. Whether the haunting tales are rooted in truth or folklore, the hospital’s legacy as a place of healing, suffering, and, perhaps, supernatural encounters, will forever be etched into Louisiana’s history.


The old EA Conway Memorial Hospital in Louisiana holds within its crumbling walls a wealth of chilling stories and haunting legends. With its dark history and alleged ghostly inhabitants, it continues to intrigue and draw the curious and the brave. While some may dismiss the paranormal accounts as mere fiction, the haunted hospital’s legacy remains alive through the ghostly tales that linger on, connecting the present with a bygone era of medical care and unfulfilled spirits.

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