The Haunting of Oxford Saloon

Located in Snohomish, Washington, Oxford Saloon stands as a testament to the past, embodying both charm of a bygone era and the lingering presence of tragedy. Within its walls lies a story of a valiant man named Henry, whose life was tragically cut short while trying to maintain peace. The events surrounding Henry’s untimely demise have since fueled rumors of paranormal activity, making the Oxford Saloon a place of fascination for locals and visitors alike.

The tragic death of Henry

In the early 1900s, when the Oxford Saloon was a bustling center of community life, tragedy struck on a fateful night. Henry, a policeman by day, moonlighted as a bouncer for the saloon by night. He was a regular at the Oxford men’s card room and bar located in the basement.

One night a fight broke out between two men and when Henry intervened to break it up, was knifed and killed.

Henry seems to have stuck around, and actually enjoys certain aspects of his ghost hood. He hangs out around the stairs leading to the basement and has been seen many times in the ladies’ restroom. Seen and felt, as many women report being pinched by him. However, Henry always disappears when confronted.

The second floor of the Oxford is now rented out as offices, but at least three ghosts seem to remain from the Oxford’s darker days. One is a man in a bowler hat, and the others are two women. Some people believe one is Kathleen, who eventually lived upstairs. She is seen as an older woman, dressed in a purple dress with purple bows. The other woman is Amelia, one of Kathleen’s girls who was forced into prostitution. Her dead body was found curled up in her closet, and no one was sure whether she committed suicide, or was murdered.

Efforts to unravel the mystery

Russ and Sandy, who were members of Washington State Ghost Society performed several investigations at the Oxford Saloon.

They heard a male voice several times as well as a child’s voice laughing or crying.

They had issues with the keys on the top floor. They tried several times to open the rooms, only to have the keys fall out of the lock, as if some unseen hand pulled it out before Sandy could turn it. Eventually they managed to open some rooms. Later when they rented a room out as an office, they reported the furniture being rearranged in it from time to time when they weren’t present.

The enduring legacy

Despite the somber events of its past, the Oxford Saloon remains an active and cherished establishment in Snohomish. The tragedy that unfolded within its walls has become an integral part of its history, etching Henry’s spirit into the fabric of the saloon’s lore.

Today, visitors can immerse themselves in the ambiance of the Oxford Saloon, contemplating the tales of Henry’s heroism and the lingering presence that continues to captivate the curious.

Guest can come choose from something to eat from their unique menu and enjoy live entertainment.


The reported paranormal encounters and unexplained phenomena serve as a testament to the enduring presence of Henry’s spirit. Whether skeptics attribute these occurrences to psychological suggestion or believers find solace in the supernatural, the Oxford Saloon remains a place where history and the mysteries of the afterlife intertwine.

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