The Haunting Of The Myrtles Plantation

Nestled in St. Francisville, Louisiana, The Myrtles Plantation stands as a relic of the antebellum South. While admired for its architectural beauty and historical significance, this Southern mansion has earned a reputation as one of America’s most haunted homes. Over the years, numerous ghostly encounters and chilling sightings have fueled the legends surrounding The Myrtles Plantation, captivating the curiosity of paranormal enthusiasts and visitors alike.

A history shrouded in mystery

The Myrtles Plantation, built in 1796, has witnessed generations of joy, tragedy, and turmoil. With a complex history intertwined with tales of love, heartbreak, and violence, it is believed that the lingering spirits of the past continue to haunt its halls.

The era of slavery cast a dark shadow over The Myrtles. The plantation was home to numerous enslaved individuals who endured unimaginable hardships. The oppressive nature of slavery left an emotional scar on the land, believed by many to contribute to the paranormal activity experienced there.

The Myrtles Plantation also saw its share of sorrow within the walls of its grand mansion. Mysterious deaths and unexplained tragedies unfolded, leaving a lingering presence within the house.

One of the most well-known deaths is that of William Winter, who owned The Myrtles Plantation in the mid-19th century. According to historical records, William Winter was shot on the front porch of the mansion by a stranger. He managed to make his way inside and climb up the staircase before succumbing to his injuries. Some believe that his spirit lingers in the house, and his bloodstains on the staircase have proven difficult to remove.

Another recorded death is that of Clark Woodruff, a lawyer and owner of The Myrtles Plantation in the late 19th century. According to the legend of Chloe, it was Clark Woodruff’s wife and children who were poisoned by Chloe, resulting in their deaths.

The ghostly legends

Chloe, the Vengeful Slave:
One of the most well-known apparitions said to roam the premises is Chloe, a former slave. According to the legend, Chloe was the mistress of the plantation owner and poisoned his wife and children in a desperate bid to gain favor. When her plot was discovered, she was hanged by her fellow slaves. Chloe’s spirit is said to appear in a green turban and a long, flowing gown, often seen wandering the grounds or peering through windows.

The Ghostly Children:
The spirits of two young girls, believed to be the daughters of former plantation owners, are frequently encountered at The Myrtles Plantation. Visitors have reported hearing children’s laughter, seeing small handprints on mirrors, and feeling a sense of playful energy in certain rooms. Some claim to have witnessed the ghostly figures of two girls playing and running throughout the house.

The Mirror Mystery:
A particular focus of paranormal activity centers around the plantation’s grand mirror in the foyer. It is believed that the mirror holds trapped spirits and that photographs taken in front of it often reveal ghostly faces and strange anomalies. Visitors have reported seeing reflections of figures not present in the room and experiencing an eerie sensation when gazing into the mirror’s depths.

Other haunting phenomena

Additional reported experiences at The Myrtles Plantation include phantom footsteps, unexplained voices, cold spots, and doors opening and closing on their own. Many visitors have described a pervasive feeling of being watched or an inexplicable sense of unease while exploring the mansion’s rooms and gardens.

Visiting The Myrtles Plantation

Despite its ghostly reputation, The Myrtles Plantation welcomes visitors who are intrigued by its haunted history. Guided tours provide an opportunity to explore the mansion’s rooms, hear chilling stories, and perhaps encounter something inexplicable. The property also serves as a bed and breakfast, allowing guests to spend a night in this atmospheric setting, potentially opening the door to personal encounters with the paranormal.

The Myrtles Plantation’s haunted reputation continues to capture the imagination of those fascinated by the supernatural. Whether believers or skeptics, visitors to this historic Southern mansion cannot deny the eerie ambiance and the stories that surround it. The legends of Chloe, the ghostly children, and the mirror mystery contribute to the rich tapestry of ghostly encounters reported at The Myrtles Plantation, ensuring its place as one of America’s most haunted and intriguing destinations.

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