The Hauntings of Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA

Nestled along the Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, Point Defiance Park is a picturesque natural haven that spans over 700 acres, making it one of the largest urban parks in the United States. While it attracts countless visitors for its lush greenery, scenic views, and recreational activities, it is also notorious for its eerie tales of hauntings that have intrigued locals and paranormal enthusiasts for decades.

The missing girl from the mid-1980s

One of the most chilling stories associated with Point Defiance Park is that of a young girl who went missing in the mid-1986. The thirteen-year-old girl, Jennifer Bastian, body was found by joggers who stumbled across her. Bastian had been sexually assaulted and strangled to death.

Today, visitors to the trail just may catch a glimpse of the girl near the site where her body was found. Witnesses have described a feeling of sadness and melancholy when encountering her, and some believe that she is the spirit of the missing girl who continues to seek peace and closure.

The Pagoda and its ghostly inhabitants

At the heart of Point Defiance Park stands the Pagoda, an elegant and historic structure that has become an iconic landmark of the park. Originally built in 1914 as a trolley waiting station, the Pagoda now serves as a charming tea house and event venue. However, it is also rumored to be a focal point for supernatural activity.

Three ghostly apparitions are said to frequent the Pagoda:

The women in white: One of the most well-known apparitions at the Pagoda is that of a woman dressed in wet, white clothing. Witnesses have reported seeing her on both the lower level and at the entryway on the second floor. Her spectral figure emanates an aura of sorrow and longing, captivating those who have the unsettling opportunity to cross paths with her.

The crying child: Visitors and staff alike have reported hearing the faint sound of a child’s cries echoing through the halls of the Pagoda. The source of the sobbing remains unknown, but some speculate it may be connected to the missing girl’s spirit or another tragic event from the past.

The mysterious men: A few individuals have claimed to encounter a shadowy figure lurking in the corners of the Pagoda. Descriptions of this entity vary, but it is often perceived as a male presence, silently observing those who visit the building.

One spirit is of the homeless man who died there on it’s lower level patio sometime in the 1990s. His apparition is seen sitting on the ground on the patio area, near where he died alone. When approached, he looks up and vanishes.

There’s another man who killed himself in a bathroom on the lower level of the Pagoda after he witnessed the death of his wife in a ferry accident. Witnesses have heard the sound of hard-soled shoes clomping down the eastern outside stairs to the lower level.

History of bad happenings

Throughout its history, Point Defiance Park has witnessed several unfortunate events that contribute to its haunted reputation. Apart from the mysterious disappearance of the young girl in the 1980s, there have been reports of accidents, drownings, and even rumored acts of violence within the park’s boundaries.

The park’s immense size and secluded areas have sometimes attracted individuals with nefarious intentions, leading to a few isolated incidents of crime. Additionally, the rugged terrain, dense foliage, and secluded trails have occasionally been the backdrop for accidents and injuries.

These historical occurrences, combined with the haunting legends surrounding the park, have fostered an atmosphere of mystique and fascination for those seeking a spooky experience or a glimpse into the unknown.

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer in the paranormal, Point Defiance Park undeniably holds an air of mystery and intrigue. It remains a beloved destination for visitors, but for those with an interest in the supernatural, it offers an added layer of spine-tingling allure that continues to captivate the curious minds drawn to its haunting tales.

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