The Hexman Heads Mystery

Nestled in the historic town of Hexham in Northumberland, England, lies a perplexing enigma that has baffled both locals and researchers for decades—the Hexham Heads.

These mysterious stone artifacts, resembling grotesque faces, have fueled a plethora of theories and speculations, earning them a reputation as one of the most peculiar and debated mysteries in the realm of unexplained phenomena.

The Discovery

The story of the Hexham Heads begins in 1971 when two young boys, Colin and Leslie Robson, stumbled upon the strange objects while playing near their home in Hexham. Buried in the soil, these eerie, carved stone heads captured the imagination of the boys and would go on to captivate the curiosity of many others.

The Heads

Measuring about six inches in height, the Hexham Heads are small, intricately carved stone artifacts. What sets them apart is their peculiar appearance—a combination of grotesque facial features, sharp teeth, and an overall eerie aura. The heads are made from a type of stone called bluish-green quartzite, adding to their mystique.

The Curse

Legend has it that the Hexham Heads carry a curse, and those who come into contact with them may experience misfortune or even tragedy. The curse is said to be so potent that even those who have attempted to study or exhibit the heads have allegedly faced dire consequences. While some dismiss this as mere superstition, others point to a series of unfortunate events surrounding the heads’ owners and researchers as evidence of a malevolent force at play.

Theories and Speculations

The mystery surrounding the Hexham Heads has spurred numerous theories attempting to explain their origin and the alleged curse associated with them. Some theories suggest that the heads are ancient artifacts with ties to pagan rituals or supernatural practices, while others propose more mundane explanations, such as them being modern sculptures or even prank objects.

Paranormal Phenomena

Given the curse associated with the Hexham Heads, many have connected their discovery to paranormal phenomena. Some believers argue that the heads are conduits for supernatural energy or that they house the spirits of ancient entities. Reports of strange occurrences, such as unexplained noises or eerie apparitions, have added fuel to these paranormal speculations.

Colin and Leslie Robson (Discoverers): The two boys who discovered the Hexham Heads reportedly faced various misfortunes. According to some accounts, the boys experienced nightmares and unsettling phenomena. With the heads allegedly being moved when no one was in the room and bottles being mysteriously thrown across rooms.

Anne Ross (Archaeologist): Anne Ross, an archaeologist who examined the Hexham Heads, supposedly faced personal tragedies after her involvement with the artifacts. Some versions of the story claim that she lost family members and experienced other hardships. She also stated that the incidents allegedly stopped when she removed the two Celtic heads in her possession out of the house.

Tom Lethbridge (Parapsychologist): Tom Lethbridge, a parapsychologist who investigated the Hexham Heads, is often cited in stories related to the curse. It is said that he faced financial difficulties and health issues after coming into contact with the artifacts.

Exhibitors and Owners: Various individuals who have owned or displayed the Hexham Heads in exhibitions purportedly encountered misfortunes. Tales include accidents, illnesses, and financial setbacks, with some attributing these troubles to the curse associated with the artifacts.


The Hexham Heads remain an unsolved mystery, with their true origin and the validity of the associated curse still open to debate. Whether one believes in the supernatural or leans towards a more rational explanation, the Hexham Heads continue to capture the imagination of those intrigued by the unexplained.

As the debate persists, the small town of Hexham retains its place in the annals of mysterious phenomena, with the stone heads standing as silent witnesses to a puzzle that eludes resolution.

As of now, according to reports, these Hexham Heads have again been claimed to have been lost.

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