Frankenstein’s Castle

If you dare to seek an authentic taste of classic literary horror, then Salem’s newest haunted attraction is just the place for you. Tucked away within the eerie confines of the Salem Wax Museum, the lower dungeon holds a spine-chilling secret – the notorious dungeon of Dr. Frankenstein.

Prepare to embark on a hair-raising adventure through dark, curving hallways that unveil the darkest side of a madman’s insidious quest to create a most horrid monster. However, heed the warning and use discretion when purchasing tickets for children, for this immersive experience is not for the faint of heart.

The setting

As you step into the lower dungeon of the Salem Wax Museum, the atmosphere instantly shifts. Dim lighting casts long shadows, and the air is heavy with an unsettling feeling of anticipation. The museum’s skilled designers have painstakingly recreated the gloomy ambiance of Dr. Frankenstein’s secret laboratory, bringing to life the vivid scenes depicted in the classic horror novel.

The journey begins

Once inside, visitors wind their way through a labyrinth of dark and curving hallways, each turn revealing more of the unsettling tale. The chilling decor includes aged stone walls, flickering candlelight, and an array of eerie scientific instruments. The immersive experience transports visitors back to the 19th century, allowing them to feel as if they’ve stepped into the heart of Mary Shelley’s Gothic masterpiece.

Encounters with the madman

As visitors delve deeper into the dungeon, they encounter life-like figures of Dr. Frankenstein and his devoted assistant, Igor. The talented actors bring the characters to life with haunting authenticity, weaving a narrative that gives insight into the madman’s relentless pursuit of creating life from death. Prepare to witness firsthand the harrowing consequences of playing with the boundaries between life and death.

The creation of horror

The climax of the attraction unveils Dr. Frankenstein’s monstrous creation in all its terrifying glory. The detailed craftsmanship and eerie special effects make this encounter unforgettable and nerve-wracking. The creature’s presence looms large, leaving visitors with an indelible impression of the horrors that arise from tampering with nature.

Community impact

The addition of Dr. Frankenstein’s Notorious Dungeon to the Salem Wax Museum has added another layer of depth to the city’s rich history of haunting tales. Drawing visitors from near and far, the attraction contributes to the local economy and keeps the spirit of classic literary horror alive in Salem.


If you find yourself drawn to the spine-chilling tales of classic literary horror, then the lower dungeon of the Salem Wax Museum is an experience you cannot miss. Step into the shoes of those who dared to meddle with life and death, and confront the chilling consequences of Dr. Frankenstein’s quest to create a monstrous being.

Enter if you dare, and brace yourself for a thrilling and unforgettable encounter with the dark side of mad science.

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